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If you are planning a sailing holiday in summer, then you better be prepared for the weather. At times it can be unforgiving. The hot weather should not prevent you from enjoying the beautiful scenery, enjoying a perfect sailing with friends and all that Mother Nature has to offer. To ensure that you still enjoy your sailing holiday despite the weather, there are several things that you need to do. 

  • Take Plenty of Water

When it’s extremely hot and you are outdoors, you tend to get dehydrated fast as you lose fluids through sweating. This will take a toll on you if it continues. You can avoid this while sailing by taking plenty of plain water. Experts recommend that you take at least eight glasses of water daily. Just avoid taking a lot at ago.

  • Don’t Forget Your Sunscreen

Rule number one when you are going on a sailing holiday is to never forget to wear sunscreen. This helps in a significant way to prevent issues such as skin cancer that could be exacerbated by UVB and UVA. It will also prevent those ugly sunburns. Basically, sunscreen will keep your skin safe from damaging sun rays.

  • Don’t Eat Too Much

When you have heavy meals, you end up feeling sluggish. Your meals should be light with plenty of fruits, fresh juice, and salads. As you travel, people tend to forget what healthy meals are and opt for unhealthy quick fixes. Even when you go for a sailing holiday, ensure that you have healthy meals with the right amount of minerals and vitamins. 

  • Stay Cool

Besides taking plenty of freshwaters, you can keep your body cool with the clothing that you wear. Natural fibers in bright colors are a great way to keep cool. You can also do a bit of swimming and find somewhere with a nice breeze that will leave you feeling fresh and cool.

  • Don’t Forget a Sun Blocking Hat and Sunglasses

In addition to wearing sunscreen, put on sunglasses and a hat. Your face is what you should protect when you are sailing in the scorching sun. A hat will not only protect your head from the sun, but it also offers protection to the eyes and the face. Just look for one with a big brim to do so. It’s recommended you get sunglasses that come with UV protection.