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Colombia is a country that has a long colonial past but besides this, there are other things that are worth experiencing. Its mountainous regions make a perfect place for hiking and other outdoor activities. If you are planning to visit the country, you should be ready for a unique gastronomical experience.

Sample the Delicious Arepas

While in Colombia, this is a common corn-based treat to come across. They vary from one region to the other and can be found on every corner of the street. You will find them in groceries, restaurants, homes and street vendors. While some will use anise seeds to bake their arepas, there are others that use colorful yellow corn while others will use just basic corn flour.

Don’t Miss Out on Bandeja Paisa

This is an unofficial national dish that farmers would prepare before they head out to the fields. Bandeja Paisa which simply means platter and the people of central Antioquia region is a mixture of rice; fried eggs, arepa, various meats such as pork, beans, plantain, and avocado. This type of food will keep you full for longer.

Try the Mondongo

This is also a national dish of Colombia that is worth trying. It is a soup made from beef stripe mixed with coriander and fresh vegetables. Most locals prefer it served with rice, bananas, avocado, and the popular fresh-baked arepa. It’s a good meal especially when it’s cold.

Immerse in Ajiaco

Another hearty meal to enjoy while in this South American country is Ajiaco. Although it is found commonly in the high plains regions of the country, you can also have it in other areas. It is a combination of chicken, varieties of potatoes, corn stew and local herbs.

Grilled Fish with Ajillo Sauce

Just like the name, this is grilled fish in ajillo garlic sauce. It’s made with fresh ingredients. It is served with coconut rice locally known as Arroz con coco. This is for the lovers of seafood.

Colombian cuisine is a must-try while in the country. Apart from how their meals are prepared, you can lest be assured that they are prepared with fresh local produce. One thing that you will notice is that the food culture is different depending on the region that you are in.  You will mostly find avocado, grilled plantains, and arepas in most of the meals.