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Established back in 1070 AD, Marrakesh has been an important cultural and commercial center for Morocco. It is home to attractions such as the Saudis Tombs, Koutoubia Mosque and Jemaa el-Fnaa Square which has made this beautiful city popular for tourists. Marrakesh has more than these three attractions that can only be discovered by exploring it.

  • The Museum of Marrakesh

Built in the 19th century and formerly a palace, the home to the Museum of Marrakesh is quite unique. It’s in the year 1997 that it was converted into a museum that now attracts huge numbers of tourists. From its architectural design to its location, the building stands out.

If you would like to explore ancient coins of Morocco, traditional Moroccan pottery, contemporary art portraits and historical books among other collections, you should head to this Museum just near the famous Game’ El Fna Square and Ibn Yusuf Madrassa.

  • The Majorelle Gardens

Named after its founder Jack Majorelle, the Majorelle Garden is an interesting and amazing attraction to visit. It was founded back in the year 1924 and ever since it has become a popular tourist attraction. In the year 1937, the founder, who was a renowned French artist decided to paint the buildings in the garden and this is one of the things that you will see stand out.

For the plant life enthusiasts, this is a great place to visit considering that there are plenty of trees and plants from different parts of the world. For Islamic art, one should visit the surrounding buildings.

  • The Ben Yusuf Madrassa

What makes this building a remarkable one is a fact that it has unique tiles’ decorations. Several dynasties have played a huge role in how important the building is today as an attraction. Its huge size has also made it be one of Morocco’s largest Islamic teaching schools. Saadi and the Marinid Dynasties played a role in making this Madrassa as impressive as it is today.

When in Casablanca, you should head South West for about 200 kilometers to get to Marrakesh which is known to be the country’s fourth largest city. From the Almoravid Dome, the gardens, the city walls, and gates to Ben Yusuf Madrassa, the city is an important tourist destination which gives you more reasons why you should visit it. It gives you firsthand experience with the Islamic culture.