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As most planes are flying over the surface of about 10,000 m from the ground, it is easy for people who are usually energetic to lose their physical condition. Also, it is natural that digestion of food and influence the moisture level in the body in the cabin. So this time, I will introduce what I can eat when I board an airplane, what I should not.

Those with high salinity and processed foods

Before you board an airplane, avoid eating junk foods such as hamburgers. Even at normal altitudes, it is said that a large intake of salt and saturated fatty acids is difficult to digest, but do you know that it will become even more difficult in the altitude of 10,000 m altitude? Moreover, when you are in a place with a high altitude, you will not feel salt, so it may cause dehydration or swelling. It may be because of the swollen feeling after getting on an airplane.

Brassica Napa vegetables and beans

Even if it is said that it is said to be not very much pinned, it refers to cabbage, turnip, broccoli, komatsuna etc. It is a vegetable generally considered to be healthy along with pulses, but it tends to stay constantly in the large intestine for several hours while digesting. Because the pressure on the ground is different from that on the ground in the aircraft, it becomes more difficult to digest, resulting in the intestines swelling and the feeling of stomach continued. If you are eating green vegetables, spinach, lettuce, zucchini etc are recommended.

Caffeine and alcohol

Both caffeine and alcohol are said to be good for eliminating jet lag, but we recommend you avoid avoiding as much as possible when riding an airplane. Since the air pressure in the aircraft is low, alcohol is easy to rotate and it may become a dangerous situation, so drinking is absolutely prohibited. Moreover, since caffeine has a diuretic effect, the toilet becomes close, and as a result, it may cause dehydration. Alcohol also has a high diuretic effect, and especially beer should be avoided especially if it is avoided. Because carbonic acid expands with stomach, it may be uncomfortable. It is better to avoid avoiding traveling to spoil it.

Food list to avoid before boarding

  • Kale
  • cabbage
  • Brussels sprouts
  • Cauliflower, broccoli
  • beans
  • Fast food
  • alcohol
  • caffeine
  • Carbonated drink
  • Dried fruit
  • Food you can eat inside the cabin
  • Salt-free nuts

Nuts are rich in unsaturated fatty acids that inhibit cholesterol, vitamin E that is effective in preventing aging, and are said to be healthy. However, overeating is not good for digestion, so moderately.


Fresh fruit is perfect for eating in the cabin. Plenty of dietary fiber plenty of moisture. Therefore it helps digestion and hydration. Even better, eat cucumbers and melons before the flight. It is an excellent one that also has the effect of eliminating swelling on plenty of moisture.

Light meal containing “umami” ingredients

According to a research team researcher who published a paper titled “Taste of aircraft noise and umami”, when eating and drinking in the cabin dryness or noise such as an engine, the taste capacity can be reduced by up to 30 %. It may be this that food in the cabin is not tasty, sometimes very sweet and salty. However, since the research announcement that umami ingredients are not affected, food containing umami ingredients such as low salt soy sauce, tomatoes, seaweed, etc. is the same as when it is on the ground, you can eat deliciously.

List you can eat while flying aboard

  • Fresh fruit (especially moisture rich fruit, such as melon)
  • Salt-free nuts
  • Low-fat content protein (with minimal sauce and dressing)
  • Light and digestible vegetables
  • Light snacks of umami ingredients
  • Water

Water, water, and water

It is very important to drink plenty of water whatever you eat while you are on the flight. Especially if you drink wine in a machine where the air is dry, you may get dehydrated. And if you are sitting on a long-distance flight all the time, you know that bad blood flow. So, drink plenty of water and move your body a bit. When you board an airplane, it is the most important thing to watch out for. How was it? Complete physical flight so that you can move to action as soon as you arrive!