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There is a chance that mini holiday can be taken in two places of consecutive holidays of 3 to 5 days of this year and 23 to 26 days which will be four consecutive holidays (if good night 24th). It is a bit nervous, but it is a nice short vacation this year when there are many days when holidays overlap with Saturdays and Sundays. This time we will introduce overseas travel destinations that will have the best season in November.

New Zealand

New Zealand consisting of North Island and South Island. Because the season is opposite to Japan, November spring. Especially Christchurch in the South Island will celebrate the flowers blooming in the English garden. Seasons where boating is also pleasant in Queenstown where British style is fashionable. Cruise or trekking can be enjoyed at the Milford sound of dynamic landscape beauty.


A rainy season lasting about 5 months will be held in November. The so-called “high season” starts, which is said to be the most seasonal season in Thailand. At this time, tourists will move not only in Bangkok but throughout Thailand. Many people visit the Ayutthaya remains of the world heritage in the suburbs, as well as sightseeing, gourmet, shopping, and massage.


Macao will celebrate the best season from October to December where it can spend less comfort with less rain. Although it is good to enjoy with a glamorous casino, since it is a great season, I would like to take a walk around the beautiful cityscape of Portuguese. Numerous colonial remains are dotted in the area. Plaza and historic buildings are registered as UNESCO World Heritage (cultural heritage) under the name Macao Historic District.


Australia in the southern hemisphere is opposite seasons with Japan, rain is low and warmest September – December is the best season. Especially in the northern part of Cairns is a small city but the area is gaining popularity as an attractive city surrounded by rich nature including two world heritage sites. World Heritage Site “Great Barrier Reef” is the world’s largest coral reef zone, possessing a beautiful ocean and abundant ecosystem. In parallel with the Great Barrier Reef, the land side is the world’s oldest world heritage “tropical rainforest”.

The Maldives

The average temperature in the Maldives is stable almost unchanged all year round and can enter the all season sea but there are also many clear skies between November and April which is also the dry season, so it will be the best season if you go on a trip I will. This season is clear and high in the transparency of the sea, it is perfect for diving. As called “1 Island 1 Resort”, travelers from all over the world seek relaxation on small islands isolated from the outside world.